Prophet Proverb

Subject: Proverb

Informant: Phillipe was born in Quebec, Canada and has two sisters and a brother. His family is originally from Quebec, therefore he grew up with french as his native tongue.  He currently studies Finance in California.

Original Script: Nul n’est prophète dans son pays / No one is a prophet in his own country

Background information by informant: Essentially, the proverb means that when you are around people that know you, any lies you tell will be easily noticed. In contrast, it also implies that it is much easier to lie around those who do not know you.

Context of performance: Usually it is said around friends when one of the individuals is caught in a lie.

Thoughts: Ultimately, the proverbs essential theme is to propagate honesty. Although simple, this idea can positively influence the members of a country and culture, creating honest citizens that have greater sympathy and empathy for their fellow citizens.