Protection Against the Evil Eye

The interview will be depicted by initials. The Interviewer is QB and the interview is VS.

QB: Do you have any stories or superstitions that stick out to you at the moment?

VS: Well we do…like…if um…so for babies we put a little red bracelet to ward off the evil eye. But for adults if you have the evil eye…some symptoms are like fever. But its usually in kids because if someone stares at your kid long enough you get it. And the process to get rid of it for adults and kids is like an elder rubbing an egg all over your body to absorb the negative energy. Then they crack the egg in the water and if it floats then it means you had the evil eye but if it mixes you never had it.

Analysis: The most interesting fact is that the evil eye is mainly focused on children. While the student said it was possible for the adults to get it as well, the main focus for warding off the evil eye is with infants. Also it is interesting how to “test” if one has the evil eye. One may assume, however, that no matter what the egg does you are gratefully rid of the curse.