Sleeping Around the Christmas Tree

Here my informant recounts a Christmas tradition her family shares:

My family always sleeps, well, not always, we’ve done it before… Okay, so we always sleep in the living room right around the Christmas tree at Christmas time, and all of us just, like, sleep on the floor on this big mat. Uh, just like a mat, just, not like an inflatable bed, but we’d just kind of each make our own, we’d call it a mat, but it was more our own kind of blanket and pillow bed I guess, we’d all sleep on the floor with.

My informant described how her family started this tradition when she was just one year old, and how she, her parents, and her sister would spread out blankets and pillows under the Christmas tree, and sleep there together on Christmas eve. She said it was a way for her family to celebrate being together and loving one another on such a special holiday, and how it always made her appreciate what a wonderful home she had.