Story of the Stars

Matt is an 18 year old Freshman at USC who grew up in northern California. His parents are from Greece and were born there and then moved to the United States. He said when he was younger one of his favorite things to do was look at the stars and find constellations. One day his parents told him a story as follows:

So like, lemme think, essentially, there is like no humans, and uh, all of the animals used to live in harmony, and then they were being mean to each other, and mother nature was like, “screw you guys I’m gonna put a blanket over the world”, and mother nature put a blanket over the worlds and all the animals were like “what the frick man I want to hang out with the sun,” and the animals kept trying to get the blanket off, and mother nature wouldn’t take it off, frogs tried to jump to pull it off, no luck, giraffes reached their necks as high as they could but still couldn’t reach it, birds tried to fly up there and they poked holes in it and that didn’t do anything except create little holes of light, and then the animals just decided to just get along, and then mother nature said “ok I’ll take the blanket off for half of each day,” and the holes that the birds made are the stars.”

Matt said he vaguely remembered the story, because it was one of his favorites as a kid growing up because of his obsession with stars. Matt said this story stuck with him and he even bought a telescope afterwards to see if he could see the little holes that the birds made. I had never heard this story before, and I think it is unique. Matt said his parents learned it in Greece when they were children, but I personally do not see any Greek elements of it. Matt also isn’t the best storyteller in my opinion.