Superstition – Hawaii

To add on to the superstitious nature of Hawaiian folklore, there is another Hawaiian superstition that coincides with the myth of Pele.  This superstition is commonly known, even to those who have yet to visit the Hawaiian Islands.

My Hawaiian native good friend, Izach, shared with me another volcano-related superstition.  With Pele being the goddess of volcanoes, to take anything of her possession would aggravate her.  Izach noted that, to take a piece of molten lava or any kind of volcanic rock from the volcano itself, would only be a way of asking for self-inflicted trouble.  Because it is Pele’s property, she will inflict bad things upon you.

A similar circumstance was seen in The Brady Bunch television series.  The Brady clan travels to Hawaii for a summer getaway, as Mike Brady’s job sends him there to visit and check out a building he constructed on location.  The curious Brady boys happen to chance upon a Hawaiian idol, which they find while at a volcanic tourist spot.  The boys take this idol with them wherever they go, and, in turn, bad luck travels along with the Bradys.  They have a turbulent flight back home, as well as a number of injuries occur to the family while they are still on vacation.  This same situation occurs in many other TV shows, aside from The Brady Bunch, including Friends and Sister, Sister.

Again, this superstition continues with the thought that Hawaiians are highly respectful towards those who came before them.  They are aware of their past history, and respect it in every way in their daily life.  As a visitor to Hawaii, such customs and rituals must be shared to the outsiders in order to inform them of the laws of the land.