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The following conversation is transcribed from a conversation between me (HS) and my mother/informant (SW). HS: So you had a high school tradition that you would like to elaborate upon, is that right? SW: So back in high school, when I was still living in Kansas there really wasn’t that much to do. Here in… Continue Reading »

The Goat-Man Of Pope Lick Creek

Informant’s Background: My informant, AH, was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, but now lives in Los Angeles where she attends undergraduate study at USC. She is 21 years old. Context: The informant is a close friend and former roommate of mine. I asked her if she had any folklore from her hometown in Kentucky… Continue Reading »

Sweet Potato Pie

Main description: The following ingredients were provided by the informant via text message. RD: “sweet potato, butter, brown sugar, milk, eggs, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, and pre made pie crust” AB: “So, who did you learn this recipe from?” RD: “My mom taught me. She makes them, I think, every year around the holidays, like around… Continue Reading »

Decorating “Easter Trees”

MAIN PIECE Decorating “Easter Trees” “For some reason, we used to decorate the trees around our house like most people would Christmas trees.  Many people in the south have egg-like ornaments and easter colored string lights, like purples and yellows and greens and bright blues.  It was much more prevalent in South Carolina when I… Continue Reading »