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Decorating “Easter Trees”

MAIN PIECE Decorating “Easter Trees” “For some reason, we used to decorate the trees around our house like most people would Christmas trees.  Many people in the south have egg-like ornaments and easter colored string lights, like purples and yellows and greens and bright blues.  It was much more prevalent in South Carolina when I… Continue Reading »

Bless His Heart

Main Piece, transcribed from a conversation: “Bless your heart. It means aw, you fucking idiot. We say it like an insult, like oh that poor soul. It’s a southern, midwest thing. I learned it from my mom, who is from Texas. It’s definitely not a compliment, and it’s usually said behind someone’s back when you… Continue Reading »

“And That’s the Night That the Lights Went Out In Georgia”

MAIN PIECE “And that’s the night the lights went out in Georgia” “This is a saying that I’ve found is common among mothers and older Southern women.  When someone does something that will get them into massive trouble, other people will say, “And that’s the night the lights went out in Georgia.”  People use it… Continue Reading »

Lavinia Fisher- Southern Legend

Main Piece: Subject: There was a traveller coming into downtown Charleston everyday to do business during the year… I’m gonna say 1850. He was coming from the North, from around Georgetown, and back in the olden’ days unless you wanted to add like, a couple days to your trip to go up the Cooper River… Continue Reading »