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The Legend of Boto Cor De Rosa- The Pink Dolphin

The following is a conversation with KL that describes her interpretation of the Brazilian legend of the Pink Dolphin (In Portuguese, Boto Cor De Rosa).   KL: So, basically, this story is popular among all Brazilians and it’s about a man who is said to have actually been a Pink Dolphin who would come out… Continue Reading »

Brazil vs. Portugal

“So my mother’s Brazilian, and in Brazil there’s this stigma against people from Portugal.  It’s kind of like how people in America view blonde people as being dumber than average, or maybe it’s more like how people in America see people from New Jersey as lesser people.  So like, in Brazil, there’s just this stereotype… Continue Reading »

Farofa Receita (Recipe)

The Recipe: Farofa Vegetariana  A  farofa vegetariana é uma tendência que existe já há algum tempo e as pessoas nem a chamam de vegetariana ou de farofa vegana, mas simplesmente de farofa. Isso acontece porque muitas pessoas não colocam em suas farofas ingredientes como ovos e bacon frito. Assim, as farofas modernas costumam ser naturalmente vegetarianas… Continue Reading »