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French camp song – À la Pêche aux Moules

Context:  This piece was collected in a casual interview setting in the informant’s back yard. My informant (JP) was born in Lynon, France, and moved to California in 2002 with his wife for their jobs at Caltech. He is a professor of Seismology, enjoys playing tennis and guitar, has two teenage daughters, and loves to […]

Childhood Camp Song

    As any other child who went to summer camp, it is classic to have been picked up and driven to camp on a school bus. Even if that didn’t happen for you, you probably had some other kind of experience that was bonding for a group of people. One of my brother’s favorites […]

“The Bagel Song” at Camp

The informant is a 20-year old college sophomore at University of Michigan majoring in industrial and systems engineering. She went to sleep-away camp for several years and was excited to share some of her fond memories of it with me. One such memory is “the Bagel Song.”   “Bagels, doo doo doo Bagels, doo doo […]