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The Unitarian Universalist Church

Context: Gathered from one of my roommates once he found out about my collection project. Background: My roommate has never had a set religious background, and was always in something of a melting pot of faiths when he went to churches like the one described here. Dialogue: So, I don’t know exactly how Unitarianism, like, started, but…… Continue Reading »

“The Bagel Song” at Camp

The informant is a 20-year old college sophomore at University of Michigan majoring in industrial and systems engineering. She went to sleep-away camp for several years and was excited to share some of her fond memories of it with me. One such memory is “the Bagel Song.”   “Bagels, doo doo doo Bagels, doo doo… Continue Reading »

Tadpole Song

I think I’ll eat a tadpole, maybe even a bug. I’ve got some worms down in the garden that I recently dug. You said you didn’t love me, you told me it was true, so darling this is really, really, what I’m gonna do.   I think I’ll eat a tadpole, then I’ll lay down… Continue Reading »