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USC Nazi Tree

Context: My informant is a 21 year old student from the University of Southern California. This conversation took place in a university dining hall one evening. The informant and I were in an open space, and the informant’s significant other was present and listening to the conversation, as well. The SO’s presence, is the most […]

The Serial Pooper

The informant is my 20-year-old friend from Washington, D.C. He heard this campus legend about our Quaker high school from upperclassmen students when he was a freshman. ——————– “So in high school, there was this legend–I don’t know if it’s a legend, because everyone says it’s true, but no one knows who it was and […]

The Second Floor of Marks Tower is Haunted

The informant is friend of mine from San Jose, California who attends USC. When I was investigating campus lore, she shared with me this legend that circulated her building freshman year. ——————– “So, basically, when we were living in Marks Tower, the floors are single-sex, but the building is co-ed. So it alternates, like, second […]