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The Goat-Man Of Pope Lick Creek

Informant’s Background: My informant, AH, was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, but now lives in Los Angeles where she attends undergraduate study at USC. She is 21 years old. Context: The informant is a close friend and former roommate of mine. I asked her if she had any folklore from her hometown in Kentucky… Continue Reading »

Arizona Bigfoot

Informant’s Background: My informant, JA, is a undergraduate student at the University of Southern California. He moved from his family home in Arizona to attend college in Los Angeles. His family is of German ancestry. Context: I (AT) am a close friend of JA, and he comes over to hang out at my apartment often…. Continue Reading »

Indrid Cold

Text: Informant: Ok, so this guy. Oh my god. I’m obsessed with him. I love him. Basically, in West Virginia — the same place my boy Mothman is from– this guy got into a car accident. He was saved from the wreckage by this guy who had a really creepy smile. He just kept smiling…. Continue Reading »