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Dead Baby Joke

Piece: Informant: What is worse than ten dead babies stapled to one tree? Collector: I don’t know. What? Informant: One dead baby stapled to ten trees.  Context: The piece was collected during a casual interview. I grew up hearing the informant telling dead baby jokes so I asked her to participate in an interview to… Continue Reading »

One Legged Pig Joke

Here is a transcription of my (CB) interview with my informant (AH). AH: “So I heard this from my dad, but I don’t know where he heard it. There’s this delivery guy and he’s making his normal rounds, but he has to go out to this really rural part of town to deliver this package…. Continue Reading »

A Plane Crash Riddle

Main Text: JM: “There was a plane crash. Every single person died, who survived? The answer would be every married couple because every single person died.” Context:  This riddle was collected from my 11 year old sister who is currently in fifth grade and about to go to middle school. When I asked her where or when… Continue Reading »