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Friendship Bracelets as Folk Art

Main Piece:  The following is transcribed from a conversation between me (LT) and my informant (AT).  AT: When I think friendship bracelets, I think of taking strands of embroidery floss, and you knot or braid them in these different patterns, and then when they’re like fully woven, you give them to your friends. The whole… Continue Reading »

Playoff Haircuts

In high school sports, playoffs are consistently a big deal and represent a payoff for hard work and a good record during the sports season. This form folklore is both a folk practice and afterward, a folk object. The practice is giving certain haircuts during the time after the regular season but before playoffs begin…. Continue Reading »

Imagine you are in a Brick Room

Text: Informant (R): I also used to do a bunch of riddles and stuff, like while hiking at summer camp, you know? Collector (J): yeah, yeah, that was fun! R: My favorite was the brick room one. J: oh yeah, that one messed with me as a kid, I felt so dumb because I couldn’t figure… Continue Reading »

99 Bottles of Coke

BACKGROUND: The following song was sung by young children (kindergarten-middle school) in the Bay Area of California, traditionally on long car trips or bus rides. The song was often sung ironically to bother other members of the vehicle due to its obnoxiously long and repetitive manor. According to this source, the song often wouldn’t last more… Continue Reading »

A juvenile Knock Knock joke involving Bananas

My informant told me the following joke, which she claims to have heard from a six-year old boy: Informant: Knock knock Me: Who’s there? Informant: Banana Me: Banana who? Informant: Bannana in your face! Haha   While not as intrinsically complex or cultural revealing as much other folklore, given that my informant heard this joke from a six year old child at an… Continue Reading »