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Double-Cross Blunt and Other Shaped Blunts

This friend knows a lot about marijuana, and on Halloween (a few days after his birthday) he made a double-cross blunt or a large blunt with two smaller blunts inserted at the far end. The goal is that the smoker will get two friends to light all ends of the blunt so that the smoker… Continue Reading »

La Llorona

Main Text La Llorona is a story about this grieving, um, it’s a grieving mom who lost her children, and that, she goes around taking kids from, from other families, screaming, “¡Ay! Mis niños, ¿donde están?” which translates to, “Oh! My kids, where are they?” You know what, you know he’s just—she’s, they’re looking for… Continue Reading »

Movie Quote Passes Into Normal Speech

Main Piece The following is often quoted in the informant’s family: “You fall behind, you get left behind.” For the origin and correct wording of this proverb–like quote, see Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Directed by Gore Verbinski, Walt Disney Pictures, 2003. Background Informant Nationality: American Location: Connecticut Language: English… Continue Reading »

Gaffers vs Grips

The following is a common filmmaking joke: How many grips does it take to fix a light bulb? I don’t know None, let the gaffer do it   The informant explains that gaffers only handle electrical work, while grips handle everything else and its disrespectful to do the gaffer’s work if you are not one… Continue Reading »