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Russian Urban Legend

Name: Баба Яга Transliteration: Baba Yaga Description: Informant describes it as an Urban Legend that became a fairytale, but presented more like a legend. It is a witch who lives in a traditional log cabin. The cabin sits on either two or one giant bird feet. She is a cannibalistic witch. Her house is decorated… Continue Reading »

Russian Proverb about Work Ethic

Если вы спешите, вы будете смеяться всех Transliteration: Yesli vy speshite, vy budete smeyat’sya vsekh Translation: If you rush, you will make everybody laugh You shouldn’t rush when working on something because you will end up being laughed at. Background Information: Russian proverb used in colloquial conversations. Context: The informant told me this proverb during… Continue Reading »

Russian Holiday

Масленица Transliteration: Maslenitsa Translation: Butter Week Description: This is a spring equinox pancake holiday. During the festival everyone eats pancakes, burns dolls made of hay (effigies). The burning of the dolls is mostly done in villages. They also jump over a pit of fire. Maslenitsa is a Pagan holiday. The holiday is a way of… Continue Reading »

Russian Proverb About Unreliable People

7 пятниц в неделю Transliteration: 7 pyatnits v nedelyu Translation: 7 Fridays in a week Proverb used to describe a person who has a lot of plans, but they never get the work done. Background Information: Russian proverb used in many parts of Russia. The informant told me that back then, Friday was the market… Continue Reading »

Russian Holiday: Ivan Kupala

Иван Купала Transliteration: Ivan Kupala Description: This is a traditional slavic holiday. It is the celebration of the summer solstice when nights are the shortest (around June-July) although, every year is different. It is an incorporation of a number of pagan rituals. On the eve of Ivan kupala there are ceremonies conducted which symbolize elements… Continue Reading »