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Difficult Difficult Lemon Difficult

Context: My roommate discovered this meme one day, and it prompted a discussion about the various levels of depth it reached. Background: My roommate is a self-described “conveyor of fine memes” and has a hobby of collecting, creating, and sharing Internet memes. The Meme: The meme (attached to this post) is a play on the phrase “easy peasy… Continue Reading »

Swedish Folk Speech

“Whenever I was going out for the night or spending time with friends, my mother would always warn me that ‘the trolls would come out and get [me]’ if I got into trouble. She was definitely influenced by Swedish folklore because of growing up in Sweden.” The informant, my best friend’s father, was born in Oklahoma to Swedish… Continue Reading »

Southern Folk Expression

“He/she has taken a cotton onto you.” My grandma grew up in a small town outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her parents were strawberry farmers and she helped take care of their farm before meeting my grandfather and moving to Long Beach, California. Whenever speaking about someone who seemed to be attracted to another person,… Continue Reading »