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Gender predictions

Background: Informant is a Mexican-American mother of 3. Her knowledge of this gender prediction comes from her mother. Main Piece: Informant: When I was pregnant with my second child, everyone told me I was having another boy. They said my stomach was “carrying low”, which is an indicator of a boy. My mom really believed… Continue Reading »

The Dean of Men’s Daughter

“She was only the Dean of Men’s Daughter, With an IQ of twenty-three, But the things that we college boys taught her Could’ve earned her some sort of degree.”   Where’d you get that song?   University of Maryland!   So you learned that in college.   Yeah. 1965.   Who’d you learn it from?… Continue Reading »

The Tenth Girl

Well Dan and Mary Smith told me that. He said “What’s the tenth girl?” And I said “I don’t know, what’s the tenth girl?” And he said “Nine out of ten girls are pretty, and the tenth one goes to Michigan.” I guess the girls in Michigan are pretty plain! But, Michigan was a hard… Continue Reading »