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The paradigm of Italian hand-gestures

Main piece: Background: P.S.: It happened to me countless times, when abroad or speaking with non-Italians citizens, to receive this gesture, articulated in senseless ways, as an answer to my “I am Italian”, and…I don’t know, it has always been for me quite funny, but irritating at the same time. My informant was born in… Continue Reading »

1960s Elementary School Hand Gesture

AH is the informant, my mom, and PH is myself. PH: Do you have any folklore for my project? AH: I don’t think I know any folklore… (She then mentioned some stories that are told by other family members, but wasn’t comfortable telling herself.) PH: You know so much folklore and you don’t even know… Continue Reading »

Awkward Tortoise

Awkward tortoise is a hand gesture one does in an uncomfortable social situation. My informant was a 19 year old college student. What’s Awkward Tortoise? GB: Awkward tortoise is something you do with your hands when you’re in an awkward situation. You stack your two hands and wag your two thumbs in opposite directions. I… Continue Reading »