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Mexican saying

Main piece: The following was transcribed from a conversation recorded between informant and interviewer.  Informant: “Ahora si te cacharon con las manos en la masa”  Transliteration:  Now yes they caught you with the hands on the dough Full translation:  Now they caught you in the act of the crime  Interviewer: Why dough? Why does it… Continue Reading »

“Nwata adi ebu orika”-Onitsha Proverb

Context: This is a proverb that is native to my dad’s village and he learned it as a child growing up in Onitsha. Proverbs like this were a prominent means of giving advice and life lessons especially to the children of the tight-knit community.  “Nwata adi ebu orika” Transliterated Proverb Nwata: child Adi: does not… Continue Reading »

Bless His Heart

Main Piece, transcribed from a conversation: “Bless your heart. It means aw, you fucking idiot. We say it like an insult, like oh that poor soul. It’s a southern, midwest thing. I learned it from my mom, who is from Texas. It’s definitely not a compliment, and it’s usually said behind someone’s back when you… Continue Reading »