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German Cheers Superstition

Context: The informant was speaking of German traditions and remembered this piece.   Piece: Informant: Another thing is this kind of funny if you don’t like look someone in the eyes when you’re like clinking your cups together you have bad sex for seven years. Collector: Where did you learn this from? Informant: That was learned… Continue Reading »

The Breaking of the Glass

Nationality: American Primary Language: English Other Language(s): None Age: 62 Residence: New York City, USA Performance Date: April 8, 2017 (Skype)   Alan is a 62 year old man, born and raised in New Jersey who is a 2nd Generation American whose ancestry is Austrian and Russian.   Interviewer: Good Evening. When I asked you about… Continue Reading »

Breaking of the Glass and the Huppah in Jewish Wedding Tradition

The informant is a 67-year-old Mexican-American woman who is a reverend. She is known for tailoring wedding receptions to couples from different cultural backgrounds, and in her words “taking old traditions and giving them new meaning.” Many consider her to be the “guru of new wedding traditions.” While out to breakfast while the informant was… Continue Reading »