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Running Faucets for Cramp Relief

Context: I came home one day at the beginning of this year to all of the faucets running and I asked my roommate what was going on and she told me this story. So I asked her to re-tell me why she does it. Piece: So basically, I don’t know where my mom… well let me tell… Continue Reading »

Winchester Mystery House

Context:  The informant began to speak of odd places near her hometown and had this place as an example. Piece: “So I am from San Jose California and there is a really famous house in San Jose called the Winchester Mystery house. And it’s supposedly by Sarah Winchester, who was married to William Winchester, I believe, and… Continue Reading »

A Pirate’s Favorite Letter

Context: The informant told this joke in passing, and I asked to hear it again because of the play on words. Piece: Informant: “What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?” Collector: “I don’t know… what is it? Is it R?” Informant: “Arr you’d think so but me first love be the C” Background: The informant, a 20 year… Continue Reading »

Hick’s Road Blood Albinos

Context: The informant was speaking of odd legends around her hometown, San Jose.   Piece: Informant: Alright so, I’m from San Jose California, but specifically a small town called Almaden within San Jose, and there is this really famous road in San Jose called Hick’s Road and it’s famous because there is an urban legend… this… Continue Reading »

Venezuelan Salt Passing Superstition

Context: The informant was speaking about niche Venezuelan traditions.   Piece: Informant: The other thing in terms of beliefs is when passing the salt, if someone asks you to pass the salt, you don’t give it to them directly in the hand because it is believed that if you do that you will fight with that… Continue Reading »