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“Sah Dude?” As a Greeting

Main Piece: Informant: “Sah dude?” It is basically saying, what’s up, dude? Usually there are some kinda handshakes involved, usually like a hang lose, or a rock on sign.  Interviewer: Who used this? Informant: Usually teenage young adult men. A lot of the guys with trucks that I went to school with. I think that… Continue Reading »

Mano Po and Beso

Pauline is an international student from the Philippines. She is studying Chemical Engineering in the United States, and she plans to return to the Philippines once she graduates and receives her B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Her hobbies are watching anime, eating delicious food, and taking naps. Original Script One of the customs in the Philippines… Continue Reading »

Arabic Saying

Original Text: كل عام و انتم بخير Phonetic: Kull A’am wa inty/inta bekhair. Transliteration: Kull A’am wa Inty/inta bekhair. (inty=you female, inta=you male) Full Translation: May you be blessed every year. Background Information about the Piece by the informant: “Usually said to by one person to another during birthdays, Holidays (especially Eid of Ramadan) or… Continue Reading »

Respect for your Elders

S is a 21-year-old Filipino woman. She is currently majoring in Business Administration at the University of Southern California. She grew up in the Philippines and therefore identifies as Filipino, however, she also identifies as Chinese. S speaks English, Mandarin, Tagalog and Hokkien, the last being two of many languages specific to the Philippines. S: Do rituals… Continue Reading »

Hawaiian Greetings

Traditional Hawaiians would greet people by pressing their foreheads together and breathing through their noses. Breathing through your nose is considered the purest way to take a breath. Riley’s grandpa would greet him and his siblings and cousins with this traditional greeting. He would bend down and place his forehead against each of their foreheads… Continue Reading »