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Almond and Luck

Context The interviewee is one of my housemates and we often engage in conversation about his Danish heritage. This folklore is a food ritual that he practices as part of a family tradition. ——————————————————————————————————— Performance The following is transcribed from the story told by the interviewee. “Every Christmas eve we would eat pickled herring and… Continue Reading »

“La Noche Buena” December 24th traditions in Cuba

Context: My informant is an 84 year-old woman of Spanish / Cuban ethnicity. She grew up in Havana, Cuba and lived there until she had to leave due to the communist regime at the age of 22. This story was told as an explanation of what they used to do in Cuba the night of… Continue Reading »

Family customs during Lunar New Year

The informant is my grandmother from Taiwan, her hobbies are going to church and cooking. She says because Chinese tradition is very custom and done in certain ways it is weird to “stray” off on doing certain traditions. However, our family has done many of the same traditions, except starting from my great-grandparents time (4… Continue Reading »