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The Spirit of Chipeta

Background The Ute Native Americans are in three reservations in Colorado and Utah: Unitah-Ouray, Southern Ute, and Ute Mountain. They have their own sovereign nations that have their own tribal leadership. Within reservations there are different bands of Ute Natives. The story told takes place in the Ute Indian Museum Montrose, Colorado. There Chipeta and […]

Colorado Springs Haunted Mine

Main Piece So there is this mine in Colorado springs, and what happened was a school bus full of children was murdered in the mine in the 1950’s, and so the myth is that if you cover your car with baby powder, and then drive in like the middle of the mine, because you can […]

“It’s Greeley!” – Folk Saying

“It’s Greeley!” The informant said that when he and his friends would smell horse manure in Boulder, they would say: “It’s Greeley!”  According to my friend, the city of Greeley would always be blamed in some form by Boulder residents when there is a scent of horse manure in the air. The informant first heard […]

You’re from Colorado if… Joke cycle

Email: winter statistic: 98% OF AMERICANS SCREAM BEFORE GOING IN THE DITCH ON A SLIPPERY ROAD. THE OTHER 2% ARE FROM COLORADO AND THEY SAY, “HOLD MY SODA AND WATCH THIS.” *********************************** Now, you’re from Colorado if……… You eat ice cream in the winter. It snows 5 inches and you don’t expect school to be […]