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Insider and Outsider

Original Script: 인싸, 아싸 Phonetic (Roman) Script: Inssa and Ahssa Full translation: Insider and Outsider Main Piece: The following is transcribed from a conversation between the interviewer and the informant, and it was translated from its original language Korean. Informant: There’s this popular slang in Korea, especially for school and office settings, mostly college. It’s… Continue Reading »


Original Script: 짬타이거 Phonetic (Roman) Script: Zzam tiger Transliteration: Leftover tiger Translation: Leftover cat Main Piece: The following conversation was translated from its original language Korean. All Korean men have to serve in the military, so there’s a lot of military specific stuff and language that most men know. One thing that I remember is… Continue Reading »

Wonhyo and the Skull Water

Main Piece: The following was transcribed from a conversation between the interviewer and the informant. Informant: Korean culture is built on Confucianism and Buddhist teachings are very common. So a lot of proverbs, old sayings, and things like that nature are based on these concepts. A very famous story that’s even relevant today is Wonhyo…. Continue Reading »

1st Birthday – Korean Tradition

Piece: “A Korean tradition celebrates a baby’s first birthday and it’s super traditional, like the baby wears the traditional Korean outfit and there’s rice cakes that are like rainbow, and there’s like fruit and always a lot of food but the main event is where uhm you set the baby in front of 5 or… Continue Reading »

The Tiger’s Whisker – Korean Folktale

TEXT: Once upon a time, there was a woman with a husband who had just come back from a war. When her husband came back from the war, he was a different person. He used to be very kind and loving and stuff. But after the war, he was very harsh and short-tempered. He would snap… Continue Reading »