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Sorority Apartments

MAIN PIECE Sorority Apartments “A lot of Sorority girls at CSUCI have fought over who gets to live in a Sorority apartment building like most sorority girls at other schools would fight over living in the Sorority house.  To call something a Sorority apartment came from a stupid law in Camarillo from the olden days… Continue Reading »

Lawyer joke

My friend and classmate Pauline told me the following joke, which she learned from her dad, who is a lawyer: “It was so cold outside today that earlier, I saw a lawyer with his hands in his own pockets.” This joke relies upon the stereotype that lawyers are greedy and corrupt, and the metonymic use… Continue Reading »

Lawyer Joke

Q: What don’t you want, but when you have it, you don’t want to lose it? A: A lawsuit. My informant learned this riddle on a tour bus in Europe while she was on vacation.  Since she loves riddles and puzzles, she looks forward to hearing new ones to think about and solve.  Each time… Continue Reading »