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Carrollton Courthouse

Title: Carrollton Courthouse Category: Legend, Ghost-Story Informant: Evan A. Lewis Nationality: American, caucasian Age: Upper 80s Occupation: Retired— Radio Broadcaster, Laundry Mat Owner, Koren War Vet, etc. Residence: 5031 Mead Drive/ Doylestown PA, 18902 (Suburban Home) Date of Collection: 4/08/18 Description: Henry Wells was a former slave released from bonds immediately following the outcome of… Continue Reading »

Don’t Comb Wet Hair

The informant learned from his father, who learned from his mother, not to comb your hair when wet, as doing so would make you more susceptible to being struck and killed by lightning. This belief is likely rooted in the observation of static electricity, a phenomenon which immediately evokes images of lightning. The informant’s grandmother,… Continue Reading »

Lightning Is the Devil Getting Whipped

Informant Bio: Informant is a friend and fellow business major.  He is a junior at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.  His family is from Sudan and they are Muslim.  Both he and his twin brother were educated in international schools.  He speaks Arabic and English.   Context: I was talking with… Continue Reading »