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Culinta (Cullies) and Ginkles (Ginks)

Conext: The following informant, T, is a 56 yr. old married mother of three. She comes from a large Italian family. She explains to me the alternative names she and her entire extended family use for vagina (culinta/cullie) and penis (ginkle/ginks). The informant also sings me a song she created when her daughter was a… Continue Reading »


My friend from Paraguay has a lot of folklore about the seven Guarani monsters and the legends behind them. The Kurupi was the strangest of all the seven that he told me about. Friend: “There are several Guarani monsters I learned about growing up in Paraguay. One of them is the Kurupi, a weird gremlin-like… Continue Reading »

豊年祭り (Hōnen Matsuri) — Japanese Penis Festival

豊年祭り in Japanese literally translates to “harvest festival,” though it is more commonly and colloquially known as the “penis festival.” It is a fertility festival celebrated on March 15th in Japan, celebrating the blessings of a bountiful harvest and all manners of prosperity and fertility. My informant is a student in Nagoya, Japan, and attended… Continue Reading »

Joke – University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

I’m going to say a word and I want you to spell them out loud and add “ness” at the end. Ok, ipod. I-P-O-D-ness. ihome. I-H-O-M-E-ness. itoy. I-T-O-Y-ness. imap. I-M-A-P-ness. Pierre is a spring admit to the University of Southern California and is a part of the a capella group on campus called the Trojan… Continue Reading »