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Main Piece: The informant’s grandmother, whom many call Chuita, was a midwife and hero in the small town of Caazapa, Paraguay. Chuita only went to school up 1st grade (a very baseline education) and, instead of becoming a nun and living in a convent, she asked her aunt about how she could help the town…. Continue Reading »


My friend from Paraguay told me about this special drink which wards off illness. Me: What is it? Friend:”Carrulim is a drink that’s made from sugar cane alcohol, lemon, and some other herbs and spices. It started with the medicine men in the Guarani tribe, which is the tribe of people native to Paraguay before… Continue Reading »


My friend from Paraguay showed me a traditional decorative cloth that he brought from home, called the nanduti. Anthony: My mom gave me this embroidered cloth to have while I’m away at college. Me: What does nanduti mean? Anthony: It’s the guarani word for spiderweb, which makes sense because it kind of looks like a… Continue Reading »

Jasy Jatere

My friend grew up in Paraguay and has a lot of myths and legends that stem from the Guarani tradition. Friend: “The Jasy Jatere is the God of the siesta. I heard about him from my grandmother. Apparently he would steal kids who snuck off during the siesta, which is a nap most people take… Continue Reading »