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USC Fountain Run

Here the informant describes USC’s tradition of the Senior fountain run, and what it means conceptually to the USC community:      Every year the seniors go on a fountain run, where they run through every fountain on campus. So every year the seniors of USC go on this fountain run, where they run through… Continue Reading »

The Spade

 The Spade Folk item/tradition/game/initiation ceremony My friend told me about a folk object/tradition from her school: “The spade is close to 100 years old. It is literally a shovel, but is very old. The tradition is that every graduating Class has a color tie that they must wear at all times, and at the end… Continue Reading »

Senior Stairs

Senior Stairs Tradition/Custom   My informant described to me a senior tradition from her school: ” The Senior stairs are the stairs for the front, grand staircase, and are casually called the Senior stairs. It used to be one of the Senior privileges was that the Seniors has full control of those stairs and who… Continue Reading »