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Sleeping on Stomach

Sleeping on stomach vs. on back Superstition   My informant notified me that, according to his parents, sleeping face-down is bad.  His parents told him that sleeping face-up would prevent his soul from escaping his body while sleeping.   Both of my informant’s parents are Muslim, and he believes that is where the superstition comes… Continue Reading »


Crickets Senior Prank/Practical Joke/Story   During a conversation about Senior pranks in high school, my informant recounted a Senior prank he heard happened at a neighboring school. The following is a transcript of our interview:   “Informant: There were two highschools, lakeridge was across the lake and we were rivals with them, but I had… Continue Reading »

Falling Down Stairs

Falling Down Stairs Type: Tradition/Practical Joke   The following is a transcript of our interview, during which my informant described an unofficial tradition in his school: “This guy named… I forgot his name but his legacy lives on. When I was in 8th grade he was a Junior, when this thing called may fate this… Continue Reading »

Ubmyit: Drinking tradition

  My informant invited me to join in a tradition. The following is transcript of our interview:   “ Informant: I just bought a new car right? So to commemorate the day, we do this thing called “ubmyit” which literally translates “to wash” but basically entails us taking a shot of vodka to commemorate the… Continue Reading »