Texas Joke

Graham is a 21 year old music student at USC. Graham grew up in the South, specifically, Texas. Graham said that all throughout his schooling, many of the jokes he heard were racist jokes, specifically relating to African Americans. One joke in specific that he heard goes as follows

“A kid asks his grandfather‘hey why did you tip him so much’ grandfather says’ what do you mean grandson’ grandson says’ you tipped him 100 bucks grandfather, that’s a lot of money’ and he goes’ well you see jimmy, black folk, they gon’ need a lot more than 100 dollars”

Graham said he learned this joke from his schools, from other people saying it. I think this speaks to the idea that racism is still very prevalent within the US. Many people label the South especially to be “racist” because of their ties to Confederacy. Graham said he doesn’t repeat the joke, he just remembers hearing it when he was younger and that many people thought jokes like these were funny.