Russian wood construction game

Alexander is a 20 year old student at USC. He is currently a freshman, and is old for his grade because he spent an extra year in Russia, where he grew up his entire life. He said life there was very different and while he is good at English, he still struggles slightly as he is very new to the country. When I asked him about any games that him and his friends would play he said:

“There is a game where you put several pieces of wood 30 feet away from you, and make small structure, another big wooden stick you have, and you are 30 feet away and you try to throw the stick so the wood construction breaks”

Alexander said he spent a lot of time outdoors with his friends, and that this was one of the most popular games he played. He described this game as a “Soviet” game and said that many people played it in their free time. He said he learned it from older boys whom he saw playing it. To me it sounds like a game that any child would just pick up and play naturally, but it sounds like more of a known game there, as he labeled it “Soviet” and said it was very popular.