The Angel and the Red Car



My grandma used to work downtown in LA  she had this really old car it was red.  And there was something wrong with the battery but she didn’t have time to get it fixed. She’s on her way home from work and it’s raining, She’s on the freeway and something’s wrong with her car’s battery so she pulled over and the car dies and   Someone pulls over to help her  it was this man in a truck and he gets out of the car and helps to restart the battery she gets in the car turns the key the car starts and the man is gone,.  she’s like oh thank you God.  she drives home pulled into the driveway in the car dies again .  She thinks it was an angel.


Me: Is your grandmother religious?


Informant: Yes all her life she has been very Christian and has always had a very strong connection with God.


Background info

The informant has always been to a private Catholic school and her grandmother has always been very religious and helped her throughout her life with her religion. It was not the first time that her grandmother has seen Angels like these appear throughout her life to help her and guide her along the way. This story is very meaningful to the informant because her grandmother now has house hymers and sometimes it’s very hard to talk with her so these stories hold her close to when her grandmother we remember things. The informant also really likes these stories because they helped her have a deeper connection and  and have a lot of faith in her religion which is Christianity.



These religious stories help people have a deeper connection with God and Believe In Miracles like Guardian Angels & Good Spirits that guide your life especially in Christianity. also in Catholicism and is a huge thing to see the Virgin Mary appear on things like toast or on your wall and just different places that kind of give you an inside look of the unknown or what you have known all along you just needed to see something it’s kind of like the story of you got to see it to believe it and these things just make people’s Faith just grow tremendously.


My thoughts

I think these stories bring me really close to Christianity as well and I love hearing Miracle stories because it makes me feel closer to God. Just knowing that someone is out watching out for you is a great feeling to have in general even if you don’t believe in heaven or hell.