The Dark Pool

The informant told me of an accident that occurred only a few years previous but still haunts his small, secluded neighborhood in St. Louis. A family friend of his threw a birthday party for their daughter. A pool party to be exact since the family recently re-did their pool. Their pool was deep, but he said when you tried to look at the bottom you couldn’t see anything because of how dark the pebbling was in the pool.

The parents told all the kids not to jump in until the lifeguard came, but some kids starting jumping in immediately. The informant’s friend starts swimming and sees a body at the bottom. She wasn’t sure if it was just her vision, but she dove deeper and grabbed the body of a girl. One of the kids at the party drowned when everyone dove in. The party ended immediately.

Now the family still hears sounds by the pool and experiences indescribable things – lights turning on inexplicably. The worst part is that family re-pebbled the bottom of the pool to a lighter color, yet around the time of the year when the accident occurred it begins to become ever so slightly darker.

This story is typical of ghost stories dealing with death. Supposedly, the girl’s spirit still haunts this pool and the family as if to constantly remind them and the town of this terrible time. Like many of our ghost stories, people who have died unexpectedly or too early continue to roam this world.