The Haunted Dorm Room

  1. My friend was told that in his building, on his college campus, there is a haunted dorm room on a specific floor- at the very end of the hallway- where nobody lives. He was told never to even go near this room, since it was haunted. There wasn’t a specific story he had heard about the room, but definitely heard many rumors about it. Some have said that the student that lived there before killed himself during finals week, because he just couldn’t handle the pressure. Others say that the student that lived there was killed because he was pushed out of the window by the ghost of another student that also died in that specific room. He doesn’t know for sure if any of these rumors are true, and has not wandered near the room to even check if it’s there. For the most part, he says he believes that a student may have died in that room, but he does not believe the ghost of the former student haunts the place.
  2. He learned about the room, and its rumors, from his suite mates and neighbors that lived in the same building as him. He actually even forgot about these rumors for some time, since he does not truly believe in them. He says he hasn’t had time to check their creditability, but says that he would like to some day just for fun.
  3. Being a college student, I’ve also heard about rumors like these regarding some dorms on my own campus. I think that it has to do with the uncertainty students go through when it comes to partially moving out of your home and into a place that is unfamiliar and new.
  4. I would definitely like to check back in with my friend to see if they ever end up visiting that room. I also find it unlikely that it is truly as haunted as others may have believed it to be, but it would definitely be interesting to check it out someday.