The Mythical Jackalope

Context: The informant, WH, grew up in Texas and is very interested in nature, even going as far as to study it in college. The informant also is very into storytelling in general and so this legend particularly piqued his interest growing up. The informant also said that they did not know they extent of the legendary animal, however it definitely was famous in their circles.

Myth: The mythical animal the informant raved over was that of a jackalope. According to the informant the jackalope is an animal mix of a jackrabbit and an antelope. While the informant was not aware of the exact origins, they knew its significant prevalence in hunting culture, especially in their home state.

Analysis: It was interesting to hear how this mythical creature was significantly part of the informant’s culture. The informant was even utterly shocked that I had not heard of the jackalope before. Personally, I think the discrepancy amongst folk groups, such as in this case that of a mythical animal, is so fascinating. From group to group, individuals feel like knowledge of folk within their group is ubiquitous, yet in reality its not. Further research into the creature shows many different stories, however the informant could go into very little storytelling just its existence. Nonetheless, just the knowledge and learning of the jackalope is a cool window into different folk groups.