I’m from India and there’s a fort near my cousin’s house India which has been said to have belonged two Indians in the late 1600’s This fort was used for protection against the British that would come and take these Indians for labor and use them as slaves of their own kind. My cousin wants was walking back for a party really late and she never came home that night she was found outside had passed out outside in front of the fort and she woke up everything was normal and that night she was found brushing her teeth sleepwalking brushing her teeth in the middle of the night and one of her brothers came and asked why are you brushing your teeth? She turned to him and started saying bad words and freaking out on him and telling him why are you here why are you in here ? What do you want for me? He woke up his sister and she was like oh my gosh did I actually say that I didn’t even know. The next night she was brushing your teeth again and this time a Spiritual figure came and was trying to help the family figure out what was wrong. That same night the spiritual figure asked what are you doing in the girl said what do you want from us instead started talking in plural and when asked who what was the name She said it was David and a bunch of different American names which brought them to think that it was the British. To this day my family doesn’t talk about it.




Informant really likes this story because it bring them closer to history and the family as well as his culture. This story is really meaningful to the informant because it was an actual experience from his cousin that leads him to think that ghosts are real.



In the late 1600s the British would actually come and take people like this and this is probably a ghost story of history and the feeling that they are never gone even though they seem gone.