In the ranch that I lived in there was a boy a friend that I had met in Zacatecas. He said that he was able to speak to the dead and I brought him to my Ranch. In my Ranch there was a sort of a passage that crossed from one Pueblo to another. This passageway was called El Camino Real. This used to be in the olden time a area where a lot of Thieves would take your things so a lot of people it is sad that hid treasure around that passage area but it has never been found. Since my friend was able to speak to the dead he told us that we should call upon them and ask them where the treasure was.


We did just that and we started to wait for the guy to call upon the dead and we had to go in a circle and create a sort of a seance to call upon them and so we each held like a cloth blanket and held it was like circular and we were waiting for the guy to contact the dead somehow. 3 hours past and nothing until finally the guys his eyes started to shut so he started to fall asleep and then he woke up and said wait I need to go to the bathroom. And so we waited again. All of a sudden an hour past and my friends eyes turned white and after that he was telling us exactly where the treasure was and we started digging there but we never found anything. After that incident though think started hopping around the ranch door started to open and I saw a door started opening and random noises would happen as if something had he had brought something there so it was very scary because I had experienced it on my own in my Ranch and we still can’t find the money.




The story brings the informant close to his Ranch back home and his family as well as the friend and always kind of keeps him wishing that this was real because who wouldn’t want $5,000 or more.





This story has a rich history about what would happen in El Camino Real in the 1930s when thieves would come and steal a bunch of things from and money from people that would pass through that passage in El Camino Real and it is very historical for that area.