Three moon Werewolf

According to my informant, his brothers and sisters used to tell him that werewolves existed. But there was a specific condition for them to appear. In fact, he said, there were supposedly three full moons, and on the third full moon, the werewolves would appear. When I asked him how he could tell when it happened, he recalled it had something to do with the lunar cycle and how he used to believe that there were three types of full moons, each of which appeared at different times of the year. That every time this moon appeared, it would be a different type of moon. But on the third full moon, the werewolves would appear. They looked like conventional werewolves, bipedal wolves that seemed human in quality.


Looking at the origins of this story, it seems like my informant’s siblings used this story to scare him as a child. But the belief that strange things occur on a full moon isn’t an uncommon belief. As this article ( suggests, animals may tend to act stranger when the full moon approaches. Furthermore, on some supernatural websites, people believe that on the blue moon, which is what I assume my informant meant by third moon since he couldn’t recall what that actually meant, werewolves would appear due to the rarity of the occasion. I believe that this shows how earthly events can have an effect on our belief systems, and how something like the werewolf can be tied to it. Since people tend to be afraid of what they can’t understand, the blue moon makes the werewolf story even scarier.