Time Was

Main Piece: Time Was

“Time was, a dog could lie down and take a nap in the middle of the road.”

Background Information:

Back in the old days time seemed to move slowly because activities were less time regimented than it is today. There is more competition and more people in the world today and everyone is traveling more often and further than people used to even only a few decades ago.

Context of the Performance:

This alludes to how time has essentially stopped or that time is no longer. So much so that a dog could lay down in the middle of the street and take a long nap and would not be hit by a car because there would not be a car that came by at that time to hit it. 

My Thoughts:

I find this very telling about a certain time period because of the imagery that it evokes. Today, if a dog laid down in the middle of a road, no matter the road, it would more than likely be hit very quickly because there are many more cars on the road today and therefore much more congestion and traffic on roads where there used to not be.