Turnt Up

The informant spoke about a word that describes the feeling of inebriation combined with the sensation of being intoxicated off of another substance. The phrase that the informant used was “turnt up”. The informant recalls the use of the word in mainstream hip-hop music, but she did not hear the phrase first used by another person until she attended a party during junior year in high school. An individual may use the phrase when they feel that they are in a state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or other narcotics.

In a way, the phrase is a bit ironic because consuming a lot of alcohol and using narcotics will slow down the body’s processes, in the sense that it is hindering the natural rate at which the body performs. It would make more sense to say “turnt down” rather than “turnt up” since the substances actually make the individual feel like they are behaving and reacting at a slower pace.