Up & Down

Main Piece: Up & Down

“What goes up must come down”

Background Information:

This is an age-old proverb and is very common because there are many situations that this proverb can be applied to. It can be applied in a literal sense and also a figurative one. There have been many songs and performances about this saying. 

Context of the Performance:

If you apply this proverb in a literal sense, it means that literally whatever goes up must come down. For example, if an airplane takes off it also must land at some point or if you throw something into the air, it will eventually come down due to gravity. However, this proverb is mainly applied in a figurative sense and when it is used in that fashion, it means that positive things in life do not always last forever and there are most likely going to be good times accompanied by bad times.

My Thoughts:

I have heard this proverb used in both its literal and figurative ways. I believe that it is more applicable in a figurative sense because it seems to hold more true in that way. There are often trade offs in life between good and bad things and if something seems too good to be true it usually is and I believe that this is the message that this proverb sends when performed.