Walking Under a Ladder

This is a superstition that is known universally. My friend Kaitlin was explaining the story to me and she told me that all of her friends told her not to walk under a ladder. She still does it, to test the world because she thinks it’s funny. It probably came from the notion that walking under a ladder is dumb because if the latter falls and somebody’s on it they will get hurt and or the person who was walking under the water could get hurt.Kaitlyn is a Christian, and in the Christian religion, there is a belief that the Holy Trinity parentheses the father the son and the Holy Ghost parentheses mean that it makes a triangle. A ladder is in the shape of a triangle, and therefore walking through it is seen as breaking Trinity. It is seen as a crime in the religion and a potential attraction and summoning of the devil. To avoid the superstitions of walking under a ladder, some people use remedies. One that Kaitlin knows was to Make-A-Wish while walking under the latter. Another is to walk back through the ladder. This sounds kind of funny however you might not know what kind of ill fortune you brought a pot among yourselves because of walking under the ladder if you use one of these remedies, or even if you do walk under a ladder you may experience some kind of bad luck. It is not proven anywhere, however it widely questions and known as a superstition globally.