Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Informant EL went to the same high school as me and now currently goes to UC Berkeley. However, because he is interning in LA, he is taking classes at USC this semester to satisfy credits. While we were out eating dinner we began reminiscing about high school when I realized that our school had a lot of traditions and myths, so I asked him to tell me in his own words some of the stories of our school.

EL: “Another I guess myth I remember was the reason why we couldn’t have animals in our school. It was said that 10-15 years ago pets were allowed on our campus, however it changed after a senior prank. Apparently one year the senior prank let loose 3 chickens inside the school buildings and the staff had to go around looking for them. They were chicken, so they pooped a lot, and it was said that these chickens were running around and pooping everywhere, making the whole school smell bad. Because of this incident, the staff decided that animals will no longer be allowed to be in school because they will lay their feces everywhere.”

Thoughts: I remember this story because I had heard it multiple times from different friends and then finally a teacher that had been working at our school for almost 60 years has confirmed that story. I just think this was hilarious and a genius prank by the graduating class of that year, because they went for something simplistic yet incredibly annoying instead of doing these really complicated, elaborate plans that high school seniors do nowadays as their senior prank.