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Cutting Hair for Chinese New Year

[The subject is MW. Her words are bolded, mine are not.] ME: Can you tell me about a Chinese New Year tradition? MW: Chinese New Year, or Chinese New Year eve, we will put the whole table. Mother cook, or have the servant cook, all kinds of goodies, but we cannot eat first. But they… Continue Reading »

Placing Cutlery for the Dead- A Korean New Years Tradition

Main Text Collector: I know the your family does special acts for the Korean New Year. Would you mind telling me a few of these and what you think is the most important part for the celebration? HK: “The most important part is that every male family member has to have a different spoon and… Continue Reading »

Vietnamese “Day of the Dead”

Context: My informant is a 20 year old student at the University of Southern California (USC). This conversation took place one night at Cafe 84, a place where many students at USC go to study at night. The informant and I sat alone at our own table, but were in an open space where there… Continue Reading »

Tomb Sweeping Festival

Background: This piece is a cultural tradition that the subject was introduced to through her family, and that she has done since her childhood. Piece: AQ: So… once a month—I mean not once a month, I think it’s once a year… um, I think a lot of Chinese families, what they do is they go… Continue Reading »

Adams Family Ancestors

Context: Leighton Lord is my father. Given this relation to me, I was interested in procuring some folklore that both of us participated in, but obviously from his perspective as he and my mother were the ones who set the traditions that we followed. Another unique perspective he has is being instilled in Southern traditions… Continue Reading »