“All good things come to those who wait”

My informant told me that her mother used to frequently say this to her when she was growing up but that she didn’t fully understand, or perhaps want to understand what it meant. My informant told me that as a young child she was very hyper, and not surprisingly, inpatient. She often wanted to see immediate results, or to be rewarded immediately. She felt that she wasn’t lucky because she didn’t get first place in competitions, and because things didn’t go her way. My informant told me that when these things didn’t happen she became frustrated and upset. When she would react this way her mother would say, “good things happen to those who wait sweetie”. My informant told me that as she grew older and matured she learned to understand and appreciate the meaning of this proverb, and that it now has a sentimental meaning to her. She went on to say that as a young adult she doesn’t need outstanding results to occur immediately. Rather she has learned to be patient, and understands with time, and patience the right things will come her way.

* This proverb is used in a poem by Violet Fane titled Out vient ß qui sait attendre.