Christmas Crackers at Christmas Eve Dinner

Since I can remember, it has been a tradition at my household to pop open Christmas Crackers at my Christmas eve dinner. My family and friends sit around a round table and pop open the cardboard crackers that are filled with a toy, a joke, and a paper crown. Shortly after opening the crackers we all place the crowns on our head and tell the jokes in a circle.

The origin of this tradition comes from my Grandmothers family in Liverpool, England. My mother, the informant, states that it was a very popular tradition in Liverpool to open Christmas Crackers on Christmas eve as a symbol of the first gift of Christmas. It was then followed by a large dinner with many family and friends. The tradition was then passed onto my mother who passed it down to my family for a tradition that we practice every year.

Analysis: My analysis on this certain Folk Holiday Tradition is that a very English tradition was passed down in a familial fashion and thus, made its way to the United States. This tradition is very rooted in my family now and has not changed since the time when my grandmother initially did it.