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Big Cookie Hero

  My informant is an American from Minnesota, who has ancestors from Czech republic and Sweden, back to 1880. “My grandmother used to tell me a story of a big cookie that could roll around and have adventure.  Sometimes it was oatmeal cookie sometimes it was a chocolate chip cookie, but they would roll around have… Continue Reading »

Soul Food

My informant is an African-American from Dallas, Texas. “We have soul food. I think only African-American have this term to use on food. Sometimes they’re not healthy, but we love them. Other people could make those food with same names, but I like the ones we made with special recipe. like those macaroni with cheese,… Continue Reading »

Electric Slide Dance

My informant is an African-American from Dallas, Texas. “We dance the Electric Slide when we gather together. Whenever music starts, we do that. But usually it’s happening during the big gathering like party, graduation or wedding. I don’t know why we do that, but ever since I had memory I started doing that with other… Continue Reading »